11 Ideas for Built-In Deck Benches

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    Adding a deck to your home increases outdoor living space boosts property value, and provides an area tailor-made for relaxation, entertaining, and just enjoying your yard. Although outfitting the area with furniture like comfy loungers and dining tables makes it more usable, you can get even more from your deck by incorporating built-in deck benches.

    At All Pro Decks & Patios, we create innovative designs for San Antonio’s outdoor living features and can help you turn your deck into a stylish and functional backyard oasis by adding a unique and creative built-in deck bench. Whether you want more storage, a dining place, or just extra seating for guests, we have the perfect solution.

    Check out some of these ideas.

    1. Backless Deck Bench

    As the name implies, a backless deck bench is a sleek and simple design without a backrest. These benches offer maximum versatility, as people can face any direction comfortably. The bench surface can also serve as a table, and since it has a fairly low profile, it doesn’t block the view or sight lines across the deck.

    Another option for a backless bench is a floating bench. These are ideal for decks with great views or small spaces since the designs disguise the lower support and eliminate visual clutter, giving the seat a sleek look.

    2. Deck Bench and Railing Combinations

    Some backless deck benches do double duty as a deck bench railing combination. If the deck isn’t too high off the ground, the building code may allow you to use a backless bench as the deck railing. This is especially useful on small decks, as it helps maximize the available space.

    A deck bench with a back can also be a deck bench and railing combination. Adding a back makes it more comfortable, and, in some cases, the backrest can also serve as the deck rail. Incorporating built-in deck benches into the perimeter of the deck leaves plenty of space in the center of the platform for dining and other activities.

    3. Deck Bench with Storage

    A built-in deck bench with storage is one of the best ways to get the absolute most from available space. Keep toys, extra blankets and cushions, and other outdoor gear safely stowed inside an easily accessible bench when not in use. It’s an elegant solution to a common problem, and your deck designer can work with you to design the perfect storage-slash-seating style for a clean deck.

    4. L-Shaped Deck Bench

    Make use of an otherwise neglected corner with an L-shaped deck bench. Installing two seating platforms adjacent to each other in a corner creates a cozy space for conversation and the chance to see the landscape from different vantage points.

    5. Deck Bench with Planters

    Bring the landscape flower beds onto the deck by adding planter boxes to the built-in deck benches. While they can add a pop of color to the outdoor space, planter boxes are also ideal for a kitchen herb garden. Enjoy the plants and their aromas, then snip some fresh herbs whenever you need them.

    6. Fire Pit Deck Bench

    An integrated fire pit or fire table is undoubtedly the focal point of any backyard deck, and adding built-in firepit seating makes it even more attractive. Deck benches create a cozy gathering spot around the fire, especially if you incorporate storage for blankets, marshmallow sticks, and other necessary fire pit accouterments.

    7. Curved Deck Benches

    A curved deck commands attention, and adding a curved built-in deck bench enhances the effect. A horseshoe-shaped bench around a firepit is intimate and welcoming, while softly curved seating areas help define the space and create natural “nooks” for conversation or relaxation. A curved bench can also mimic the natural landscape features, giving your backyard a more organic vibe while still ensuring plenty of seating.

    8. Bench and Dining Combinations

    Consider designing built-in deck benches to fit with the outdoor dining table to ensure plenty of seating at your next barbecue or outdoor dinner party. This requires careful measurements and design to ensure the proper height and size, but a long bench is a great way to welcome family and friends to dinner. 

    9. U-Shaped Bench

    Take the L-shaped deck seating up a notch by adding one more side to make it U-shaped. Like a horseshoe-shaped bench minus the curve, a U-Shaped seating area is inviting and encourages gathering and conversation. Add a table in the center of the U to hold drinks, appetizers, or games, and it’s likely to become everyone’s favorite hangout.

    10. Bench Around a Tree

    Do you have a large tree near the deck? If you do, think about extending the deck and adding a bench around the tree for a whimsical touch that also provides some welcome shaded seating on a warm Texas day. Building a bench around a tree may require some creative design, but a talented builder can add this unique and aesthetically pleasing element. 

    11. Deep Bench Seating

    If you have a large deck and want to create a comfortable space for relaxation, add deep-seated benches. A lounger or day-bed style bench allows you to stretch out comfortably, especially when you add some pillow and cushions. A large daybed is a great place to hang out too, and you can incorporate it into firepit seating or use the extra space for additional storage underneath. 

    Enhance Your San Antonio Home with Built-In Deck Benches By All Pro Decks & Patios

    Whether you want to incorporate one of these backyard deck ideas into your San Antonio home or have a different vision for your deck altogether, our team at All Pro Decks & Patios is your local source for exceptional design and craftsmanship. From simple backless benches to elaborate curved built-in deck benches for multilevel structures, our team of talented designers and builders can bring your dream deck to life.

    Get started on your San Antonio, TX, backyard transformation by getting in touch with All Pro Decks & Patios for an estimate. Call (210) 660-8250 or schedule an appointment online to explore the potential of your backyard oasis.

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