5 Simple Deck Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Deck Looking

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    5 Simple Deck Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Deck Looking Brand New

    Decks are prone to wear and tear- whether it be because of the weather, grime or even insects. This is why decks must be cleaned and maintained regularly to retain its condition. Although they are said to be low maintenance extensions, in due time, they will degenerate.

    Decks deteriorate because of too much sunlight, a sudden change of moisture, or mites. If exposed with all three, they will fade, crack and splinter under the pressure, resulting in a very dangerous surface area.

    To prevent this from happening, deck maintenance and treatment is a must. There are different ways you can do to treat and maintain your deck. But, before you start, make sure that you understand the makeup of your flooring as well as the factors that could cause them to break down.

    Decks that are made of recyclable materials like composite and trex decks do not need thorough washing and sealing compared to wooden decks. However, weather conditions could affect the maintenance process- no matter what material your deck is made of.

    This is because a sudden temperature change can affect your deck drastically. As such, there are certain maintenance procedures formulated for each season. However, if you are able to anticipate these changes beforehand you can implement preventive measures to lessen the burden on your materials. This will save you the time and hassle from making any major repairs. At the same time, it will also ensure that you keep the aesthetics and durability of you deck in tip top shape.

    How do you maintain a deck?

    Doing what’s good for the maintenance of your deck is already one way of maintaining it. Avoiding the don’ts and following the dos will preserve your deck for a much longer time. Here are some rules you could tick off while working on your deck’s lifespan:

    1. DO cover nearby foliage before you begin.
    2. DON’T clean the deck with chlorine bleach.
    3. DO sand your deck before sealing.
    4. DON’T use paint as a sealant.
    5. DO treat your deck regularly.

    Following these to a tee might not give you that “brand new” deck look but doing so can certainly go a long way. Easy and simple to follow, these guidelines are your key to cutting costs on maintenance. That said, here are more tips to up your game.

    5 Simple Deck Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Deck Looking Brand New

    1. Create a cleaning schedule

    To keep everything on track, a cleaning schedule is the best way to write down the methods and time of your deck maintenance.

    2. Remove old stain

    Before you start re-sealing the deck, you must remove old stains. These eventually wear off ruining the re-sealed deck and thus it’s best that you get them taken care of right away.

    3. Seal or stain it.

    Since decks are always exposed to sun and rain, sealing the deck will retain its look. Deck sealing is done at least every two years. But, if you are planning to seal it by yourself, you need to do it at least once a year.

    4. Inspect and Repair it.

    Whenever the season changes, make sure to inspect the decks structure. Look for signs of rot and cracks, inspect the ledger, and check beams. In case you have found some damages, repair it as soon as possible.

    5. Sweep it up, Shovel it off, or clean it off with a Pressure wash.

    Always sweep your deck to prevent the leaves staining the surface of the deck. In snowfall, shovel the snow on a regular basis and pressure wash it at least once a year.

    How Often should I pressure wash my deck?

    It is advisable to pressure wash your deck at least once a year. However, if you plan on re-sealing your deck, you must pressure wash first before you re-seal. When you pressure wash, it is perfect to do it when the temperature is above 52 degrees to dry the deck as quickly as possible. Experts suggest to do so once a year.

    A hassle free solution that allows you to use different washing solutions and chemicals on your deck without damaging it, it comes as no surprise that this is the most common method of maintaining decks.

    How often should you treat your deck?

    It depends on what treatment you will be doing. If you are doing major treatments such as re-sealing and pressure washing, then it is good to do it at least once a year. For minor treatment like sweeping and shoveling, doing it on a regular basis is perfect.

    A deck is like an investment hence you must treat it as such. (Wondering is cheaper to build a deck or a patio? Find out the answer in that article.) Deck maintenance is not just for keeping its original look, but, it is also for the safety of the people who will be using it. Although maintaining your deck can be a hassle, it is still a great way to add value to your home!

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