7 Benefits of Having a Backyard Deck for the Summer

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    The idea of a perfect summer entails many appealing activities: sunbathing, roasting marshmallows, and stargazing are just a few popular reasons for a good summertime jaunt. You already have the friends, the fun, the food, but—what will be the scene? A public park, perhaps, or maybe a campground deep in the woods? One option you may not have considered is a backyard deck.

    There are seven notable benefits of having a backyard deck for the summer:

    • Entertainment
    • Sunbathing
    • Playing outside
    • Monitor your children’s outdoor activities
    • Move your usual lounging outside
    • Increase the size of your living space
    • Increase the value of your home

    If the idea of driving hours into the wilderness or struggling for parking at the local pool fails to ring with that certain summer charm, then consider a brand-new stage in the form of your very own backyard deck! Interested? Then read on for all the details about what a new backyard deck could do for your summer fun!

    Is a Backyard Deck and Backyard Porch the Same Thing?

    How you want to use your outdoor space will determine what kind of outdoor recreational structure you may want. While backyard decks and backyard porches have a lot of attractive features in common, they also each have unique features exclusive of the other. These differentiating features will be important factors to consider when deciding what kind of outdoor space to invest in.

    A few of the features that define an outdoor space as either a deck or a porch can be summarized in a few key differences:

    • Coverage: Generally speaking, a porch will be a covered area such that the entire floor space of the structure has defense from the elements in the form of a roof. While this roof may be an extension of the house roofing or entirely independent, a deck usually has most, if not all of its area exposed to the sky.
    • Positioning: Decks are often placed at the back of a residence, with at least one of its lengths running along the perimeter of the house. Porches, on the other hand, are placed more variably: they can be on the front, sides, or back of a house, and can be designed to extend around the perimeter of a house as well.
    • Elevation: A porch is usually built at the ground level, in line with the first story or a house, but can also be built on the second story or higher. Decks, however, are almost always built above the ground and are meant to be accessible from either the first floor or from an outdoor stairway. They are not built on higher stories.
    • Size: Due to the placement limitation of decks, they are often larger than porches. Further, the increased coverage and placement flexibility of a porch is usually gained at the sacrifice of floor space due to the expense and structural limitations of building additional or extending pre-existing roof over it.
    • Purpose: Porches are often designed with certain purposes in mind, such as providing a place to remove soiled clothing before entering a house, or creating a breezeway for cooling the home. Contrarily, decks are designed to be functionally versatile so that they can be used creatively as extensions of the living space.

    If you are looking for an outdoor space to sit and relax, leave dirty shoes, or treat your close friends to lemonade, then a backyard porch might be the outdoor space you need. The limited size can allow for the addition of many benefits beyond the usual shade, such as insect screens or greenhouse glass.

    However, if you are looking for a true outdoor recreational space for hosting family dinners or children’s birthday parties, then you might be happier investing in a deck. The large size lends itself many of its own benefits, such as the addition of an outdoor fireplace, a dining table set, or even an entertainment system!

    What Is a Good Size Deck for Entertaining?

    The size of your deck will be influenced by how you plan to use it, as well as the size of your backyard. Since decks tend to be larger than porches, it is likely that you will need to balance your deck’s purpose with the size limitations of your lawn. However, there are a few inexpensive deck designs that would be suitable for yards with limited space.

    Like any other room in your home, the size of a deck is described in square footage. Some general size ranges that you may consider include:

    • Small (100-200 square feet): The smallest deck size you can find is usually around 100 to 150 square feet. However, even a deck that has an area of 200 square feet will only be big enough for a small dining table set. Homeowners on a budget or with limited space might be best served by this deck size.
    • Moderate (200-400 square feet): The average deck size is often between 300 and 400 square feet. Homeowners in search of a deck for entertaining guests will likely prefer the balance of size and affordability found in this range category.
    • Large (400+ square feet): Larger decks tend to be 400 square feet or larger. These decks are great for large families and entertaining many guests, but are more expensive to build and may also require more maintenance than their smaller counterparts.

    While it is important to consider the size of your deck in terms of how you will use it, it is also necessary to consider the comparative size of your home. For example, large decks may make for good outdoor entertainment spaces, but they may also appear aesthetically awkward if your deck is almost the same size as the rest of your house.

    Fortunately, there is an easy way that you can avoid this design faux pas and also choose a deck size that works for you: simply estimate the square footage of each room in your home, and choose a deck size within the overall range of your room sizes. This way, you can be sure to pick a deck size that will make a natural addition to your home.

    7 Benefits of Having a Backyard Deck

    Regardless of what square footage or floor plan design you decide to invest in, a backyard deck is an excellent idea for homeowners that want a flexible outdoor recreation space.

    There are lots of good reasons to invest in a backyard deck, but if you still find yourself struggling for one, here are seven ideas for using your backyard deck!


    While outdoor entertainment is usually the first benefit to come to mind, a backyard deck can be much more than a happy hour haunt for you and your friends. Consider turning your outdoor deck into an alfresco lounge for watching your favorite sports ball team with the guys, or dress it up with lights for at-home fashion shows with the gals.

    With a little creativity, your backyard deck could even become a peaceful home spa, the coolest clubhouse on the block, or a birdwatcher’s paradise. Feel free to dive into your fantasies of outdoor entertainment and celebrate time with yourself and your loved ones, outside on your very own backyard deck!


    Maybe dinner parties and big group get-togethers are just not your thing. If this is the case, then perhaps you would be keen on investing in a new backyard deck for its health benefits instead! While a deck does not offer any health benefits directly, this outdoor recreational space can offer many opportunities to invest in your health.

    • For example, sunbathing can help your body produce Vitamin D, which can encourage bone health and stabilize your mood
    • You could also use your deck for early morning yoga and exercise routines

    Most importantly though, easy access to a spacious and versatile outdoor recreation area will probably encourage you to spend more time outdoors.

    Playing Outside

    Speaking of encouraging time outdoors, a backyard deck is a great place to take activities that are usually confined to the inside of your house and move them out into the fresh air! Board games, portable video games, party games—whatever it is you and your family like to play, chances are that you can play it outside on your backyard deck!

    Monitor Your Children’s Outdoor Activities

    On the other hand, homeowners who prefer outdoor activities and readers with children may instead be excited at the prospects for outdoor play that only a backyard deck can provide. This outdoor space can be perfect for ring-tossing, mini-golf, and even mud-free water balloon fights!

    A backyard deck is also the perfect spot from which to monitor your children: decks are usually built raised off of the ground, so parents can keep a bird’s-eye view of their kid’s backyard shenanigans and whereabouts from the comfort of their deck chairs. And do not forget about chances to play in a summer downpour without tracking mud in the house!

    Move Your Usual Lounging Outside

    For homeowners that shy away from typical outdoor activities, a backyard deck can still be a worthwhile investment. Consider using your backyard deck as a lounge space by placing an entertainment system outside! Stereo systems, speakers, televisions, computers, and game consoles are all possible elements of your future outdoor lounge.

    While you will probably need to consider portability and extra protection from the elements, with a backyard deck, you can move your morning news, nightly television shows, and weekend video game binges out into the fresh summer air!

    Increase the Size of Your Living Space

    No matter how you intend to use your backyard deck, there is no denying that a deck increases the square footage of your home’s living space. Homeowners with large families may be interested in providing their loved ones with a little more room by building a backyard deck.

    Additionally, depending on your needs, it is also possible to build a backyard deck with outdoor storage in mind. This can be included inside hollow, built-in benches, by purchasing a small outdoor storage locker to be placed on the deck, and some decks can even store lawn and garden equipment in the space underneath the deck!

    Increase the Value of Your Home

    Although it may be a less traditionally ‘fun’ concept, the addition of a backyard deck will almost certainly increase the value of your home. Many home modifications can increase the value of your property, such as interior remodeling or the addition of extra rooms, but few are as cost-effective as building a backyard deck.

    If you are considering investing in your home with the construction of a backyard deck, mind that you will want the deck to add more value to your house than it costs to build or maintain. Research the value of homes with decks in your area, and choose sturdy, low-maintenance materials to ensure you get the best return from your backyard deck.

    How Can All-Pro Decks & Patios Help You Build Your Dream Deck?

    Homeowners in the San Antonio area will be happy to hear that there is a family-owned and operated company of trusted deck builders right in the infamous River City. All-Pro Decks & Patios works with every customer to design and build the perfect deck, from choosing materials to considering safety precautions.

    • All-Pro Decks & Patios is a small, home-grown business that deeply understands the value a deck can add to your life and prides itself on craftsmanship, material selection, and competitive rates
    • And in addition to decks and patios, All-Pro also specializes in outdoor kitchens and the restoration and repair of your current outdoor space

    Regardless of the complexity, size, or material, All-Pro Decks & Patios is dedicated to offering its customers in-depth pricing explanations and high-quality customer service, so that every homeowner can feel confident entrusting the construction of their dream deck to All-Pro. River City residents looking for a deck builder should request a quote!


    The right outdoor recreation space can offer the perfect setting for making summer memories. Whether you are looking for a place to host parties, take a relaxing sunbath, or give your kids a surprise spray-down with the watering hose, a new backyard deck is an excellent investment in both your home and your summer fun!

    Texas homeowners living in or near the San Antonio area can take advantage of the honest rates and quality service offered by All-Pro Decks & Patios. No matter the size or material, you can rest assured that the construction of your dream deck will be in professional, experienced hands. Contact Us To Get A Free Estimate Today!

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