7 Benefits of Composite Decking

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    Composite decking is a popular alternative to the traditional wood material used for decking that many have invested in over the years. However, the expense may turn some away from purchasing. It can be hard to find what the rave of this unique flooring is all about in a simple online search, so we have laid everything out for you in this article.

    There are many benefits to using composite decking over wood, and even more reasons for you to invest in it. Some reasons why composite decking is so good are that it is incredibly versatile, and it is doing great things to keep our planet sustainable

    There are many additional advantages to using composite decking. Read on to learn more about why composite decking is an excellent material for your outdoor needs  and how it may work for you. (Still trying to decide what material to use on your deck? Check out our decking material comparison to help you make this tough decision!)

    Is Composite Decking Really Worth It?

    When planning out your deck installation process, you may be wondering if composite decking is worth it. The short answer is yes. Composite decking is worth using to build your deck because of its strength and durability, among several other positive factors.

    However, something to note if you’re not planning to live inside your current home for an extended period, composite decking is likely not going to be worth it. This material gains more value over time, so it may be better to wait until you find a permanent location before you invest.

    How Long Does Composite Decking Last?

    Composite decking can last up to twenty-plus years with proper care, according to the creator of composite decking, Trex. This is a very long time compared to the average length of ten or more years for traditional wood decking.

    Some things that may contribute to the length of time this decking material lasts includes:

    • Weather conditions: If you live in an area where rain and poor weather are common occurrences, your deck will not last as long as somewhere with more temperate weather
    • Upkeep: Composite decking doesn’t require much upkeep. However, it’s still important to maintain it. If you don’t take care of your deck, it won’t last as long.(Check out these 5 simple deck maintenance tips to keep your deck looking amazing!)
    • Installation quality: Make sure that you hire a quality company to perform the install. If it is faulty in any way, it may decrease the length of time that your brand-new decking lasts.

    Make sure that you analyze each of these conditions before you purchase this kind of material for building a deck. You need to be prepared to have more or less upkeep depending on where you are. If you are fixed on the idea of your investment lasting a long time, you need to take care of this deck regardless of how durable it is.

    7 Benefits of Composite Decking Material

    There are a lot of benefits to using composite decking material for building a deck. Although there are many more than what this article holds, we will touch on seven that are the most crucial to the product itself and your decision surrounding it.

    Minimal Maintenance

    The composite decking material is made out of a combination of plastic and wood. Thus, it is much stronger and requires less maintenance than normal wood decking.

    Maintenance is required less often with situations like:

    • Water damage: As we mentioned, composite decking is infused with various types of plastic. This makes it more water-resistant than the average wood decking. While you shouldn’t let any liquid sit on its surface, it won’t warp and fall apart as wood would if it does.
    • Repainting: Color comes built right into composite decking. You don’t need to repaint it or varnish it in any way. The most you may need to do is sweep or spray down an area if it becomes dirty to make it its original color again.
    • Splinter control: Plastic wood doesn’t splinter and break off like wood decking. There are fewer injuries in feet and fewer calls to maintain the wood and keep it safe for the entire family.

    These are just a few of the ways that composite decking material cuts down on the monotonous task of maintaining your brand-new decking.

    Indistinguishable From Regular Wood

    Since composite decking is mostly made out of natural materials, it’s easy for manufacturers to mimic the natural look of the wood grain. This means that, along with abstract and solid colors, you can also create a long-lasting deck that looks exactly like its natural counterpart.

    Some of the stains you can purchase composite decking in include:

    • Brown: These are your standard shades of brown that you would think of when you imagine a natural hardwood.
    • Red: Red wood is also a very realistic-looking format of composite decking. It stands out, but still gives off the illusion that it’s completely made from wood.
    • Grey: Grey, though perhaps not as natural as the previous two, is a popular color for wood to be stained.

    With all of these options readily available, you don’t have to sacrifice the look of wood. You can invest in a durable option. It will still look completely natural so that you can impress all of your landscaping-obsessed friends.


    Composite decking materials are not recyclable as of right now, but since they’re long-lasting, they benefit the environment. The original provider of composite decking, Trex, reveals that their decking material helps the environment in the following ways:

    • Utilizing reclaimed wood: This company uses reclaimed, or malformed, wood that isn’t in use from other companies. They don’t chop down brand-new trees to create their decking, unlike many natural wood decking solutions.
    • Recycling used plastic: Besides wood, another material that this form of decking uses is plastic made from recycled plastic bags. This company, and many others, sources their plastic from recycled plastic bags to give back to the environment in the creation process.
    • Ensuring durability: When a product lasts longer, it is thrown out less often. This reduces the amount of waste in the world. Since composite decking is so durable, it can go a long time before needing to be replaced or repaired and trashed.

    Many other companies also follow in Trex’s footsteps, creating composite decking that is as wholesome as the environment that it’s being placed inside.

    A Note on Disposing of Composite Decking

    Though it cannot currently be recycled, there are a few methods of disposal for this product. When it comes time to demolish your porch and rid yourself of this incredibly durable lumber, you should:

    • Reuse the pieces: If you’re great at making things, you can use the remaining boards to create some awesome items. You can make a shelf, a sign, and even a chair with them. It’s a toned-down way of recycling that will give you another awesome product in the end.
    • Call a removal company: The main thing you might want to do is call a scrap removal company. They will take away the excess pieces without you having to drag yourself down to the junkyard.

    Hopefully, these boards will one day be able to be recycled like other forms of wood. Until then, these two options are your best choices for ridding yourself of a used deck.

    Lower Cost

    Although composite decking material is expensive to purchase, it will end up as the cheaper option. According to Remodeling Calculator, a 12×12 composite deck can cost around $8000 to create. In comparison, a basic pressure-treated wood deck is on average $4000.

    While it may seem like a wood deck is the better way to go, the composite decking will be cheaper in the long run because:

    • It lasts longer: Compared to wood, composite decking is much more durable and will last longer. Thus, it will cost you less in replacements.
    • It requires less maintenance: Composite decking can withstand a lot that wood cannot. Composite decking will save you money in repairs and overall supplies.

    These two reasons are proof that, long-term, it will be better for your bank account. If you intend to live in your current home for a long time, this is likely the best choice for you.

    Wide Selection of Colors

    Unlike natural wood, composite decking comes in a large variety of colors. You can buy many different types of the natural-looking wood grain. You can also invest in colors. Some of the more extreme selections you can purchase include:

    • White: Composite decking can come in several shades of white and off-white alike.
    • Blue: Composite decking can even come in variations of blue and other hues.
    • Rainbow: Each wood slat can be a different color if you would like.

    Many people do invest in these colors for their decks. Color is one of the most exciting things about composite decking. You can choose for your deck to be of natural wood, or you can opt for something unique, outrageous, and wacky.


    Composite decking holds materials that will allow it to exist in conditions that would cause it to rot if it were regular wood. It won’t splinter, mold, or sustain insurmountable damage in water-based weather.

    Since composite decking is so durable, the materials inside this form of decking permit it to stand up against all kinds of damages. You do not have to live in fear of someone falling through rotted wood because there is no chance of that. The mixture of plastic with the wood prevents this from occurring.

    Durability also resides in color. It won’t fade away or disappear like a stain or paint job would. It is resistant to the elements, feet, and even the everyday issue of dust.


    The strength of composite decking materials allows for usage in a variety of outdoor locations. If you require a solid and long-lasting surface, you can install this material just about anywhere you’d like.

    Some places that composite decking might be used include:

    • A porch: Much like a deck, you can use composite decking to line the floor of this variation of outdoor hangout space.
    • A deck: This is the typical use for it. You can build it lifted or have it down on the ground. It all depends on the location of your home and your personal preferences.
    • A treehouse: While it’s probably not a good idea to build your entire treehouse out of composite decking, you can line the floor with this sturdy material. It serves well under dusty and muddy children’s feet.
    • A poolside platform: Though you shouldn’t place it inside the water, composite decking might be an excellent place to relax and hang out when you’re having fun by the pool with your family.

    In many of these locations, classic wood used to be the only option. It can be and was always a big hassle due to upkeep. With the materials inside composite decking, you don’t have to worry so much about the durability of these temporary structures.


    Composite decks are excellent for a variety of reasons. They are long-lasting, durable, and beneficial to the environment. Among other reasons, it is safe to say that investing in composite decking is an excellent choice for the future of your outdoor world.

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