The 5 Best Composite Decking Brands on the Market

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    Composite decking is one of the best materials for a deck. This combination of reused materials makes for a platform to hang out on. If you want composite decking, you need a great brand. What are some of the best composite decking brands on the market?

    The best composite decking brands include:

    • Deckorators
    • Trex
    • Fiberon
    • MoistureShield
    • TimberTech

    These will give you what you want for a deck.

    If you’re interested in learning more about composite decking, you’ve come to the right place! Read on to learn more about the best choices on the market. Let’s get started/

    Which is the Best Composite Decking?

    The best composite decking brand on the market today is Deckorators. This company stakes its reputation on your satisfaction, offering warranties on their gorgeous composite decking offerings. They have a money-back offer that extends over twenty-five years.

    Deckorators have many competitors on the market, which we’ll talk about later. It stands out in affordability and quality from competitors.

    How to Find Composite Decking Near Me in San Antonio?

    If you live in San Antonio, it can feel overwhelming to find a composite decking location near you. How do you pick the right company when there are so many to select from for your deck?

    The answer is All Pro Decks and Patios. This premier deck and patio builder in San Antonio has specialized in the creation of beautiful projects for years. If you live in San Antonio, you can feel safe leaving the composite decking build in their hands.

    The 5 Best Composite Decking Brands on the Market

    As mentioned above, five composite decking brands stand out above the others on the market. All of them are unique and provide benefits for customers, depending on what they want in a composite decking system.

    Let’s dive further into each of these composite decking brands. Once you know about each of them, you can select the brand that will work best for your life.


    We mentioned Deckorators above as the best composite decking brand on the market today. They’re a quality brand that works hard to satisfy their customers, no matter what type of composite decking they’re looking at. They take advantage of the industry strength to weight ratio for the best surface.

    With Deckorators, you can anticipate:

    • A quality 25-year warranty across the line of products
    • Reasonable prices with each purchase
    • Excellent composite decking and accessory options

    These are beneficial to anyone who wants a deck that will last a long time.

    The only way Deckorators fall short is in the colors they offer. For the price, you might find a lack of color options.


    Trex is a name often brought up in the world of composite decking. They offer one of the most extensive lineups of products. They’re also one of the least expensive choices on the market.

    With Trex, you can expect:

    • An extended warranty for up to twenty-five years
    • Affordable prices on your products
    • Varying levels of thickness for your needs

    You can enjoy these with Trex.

    This company makes its boards out of raw materials such as plastic bags, wood waste fiber, and plastic film. They use compression-molded products to last longer than regular wood.


    Fiberon is another quality composite decking company on this list. It’s been around since 1997, creating products with a PVC outer shell and a solid wood inner core.

    With Fiberon, you can anticipate:

    • A quality 25-year warranty across the line of products, and 50-year warranties for more expensive products
    • Affordable parts and labor
    • Quality designs and colors

    Fiberon will give you anything you need.

    Fiberon composite decking is made out of a combination of synthetic plastic and recycled wood. They have both high-end and low-end products for sale.


    Next up is MoistureShield. This brand is the only type that can be installed on the ground or underwater without any warping issues. It’s long-lasting and requires minimal care to take care of it.

    With MoistureShield, you can expect:

    • Durability that lasts
    • A strong coating to defend the wood from the outside world
    • Protection in any environment

    Anyone who wants composite decking will love this company.

    MoistureShield is ideal if you have decking you want to put around a space like a pool. It’s one of the most versatile options out there.


    TimberTech is the last composite decking brand on this list. They offer items like surface decking, trim, railing, and even molding components. Their boards are made from a combination of plastic polymer and wood fibers for extra strength.

    With TimberTech, you can expect:

    • An extended array of colors and styles
    • A 50-year fade and stain warranty
    • Durable cap coating on the surface

    They will give you everything you need for a quality deck.

    TimberTech is perhaps the most expensive brand out there, but you get what you pay for in the product. They offer quality.

    What is Comparable to Trex?

    Trex is one of the most well-known brands on the market. It’s known for the unique material and quality setup processes for customers. Are there any other brands that are comparable to Trex?

    Some brands that you can compare to Trex include:

    • Fiberon
    • Deckorators

    These two brands are the closest second options if you want to pick a composite decking brand other than the iconic Trex.

    These are excellent alternatives if you decide that Trex is too expensive or if there’s not a location near you. Fiberon or Deckorators will provide you with everything you need.

    Final Thoughts

    All five of these composite decking brands are quality. You can trust them to deliver the deck you need and provide comfort while doing it. From Trex to Fiberon, there are a ton of options.

    We hope this information was helpful! Composite decking is a durable material, and you need to find a quality company if you want to make a space out of this material. Once you find a company that works for you, you can trust them with your new deck.

    Looking for the best composite deck brands? All Pro Decks has you covered. If you’re ready to discover the true potential of your outdoor space, Contact us to Get A Free Estimate Today!.

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