5 Reasons You Know You’re Choosing the Best Deck and Patio Builder in San Antonio

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    Deciding to build a deck or patio in the River City is a big one, and since this is not a choice you should take lightly, it’s important to feel that you have chosen the best builders possible in San Antonio. By choosing All Pro Decks and Patios, you will see your vision come to life and be able to enjoy your outdoor space to its fullest potential.

    You can rest assured that All Pro Decks is the right choice for you due to our commitment to building the highest quality spaces, our long history of building outstanding pieces throughout San Antonio, our variety of services and materials, and our dedication to customer service.

    If you are not already sold on All Pro Decks and Patios, this article will walk you through five ways to know you’ve got the best deck and patio building in San Antonio. We are confident we can satisfy your vision with great customer service. Keep reading to see what we can do for you.

    5 Ways You Know You’re Choosing the Best Deck and Patio Builder in San Antonio with All Pro Decks

    At this point in your process, you likely have a vision. You know the kind of outdoor space you want to create, whether it be a full outdoor kitchen or just a simple patio. Creating a vision in your head is the easy part. Once you begin your search for an affordable and quality builder, the hard part begins.

    In searching for the right builders for your job, it can be challenging to sort through websites and identify differences between companies. Since many may not know what to look for on each webpage or what should be prioritized by builders, it can make sorting through each offering even more difficult.

    That is why we are laying out five ways that we are different from our competition All Pro to build your deck, patio, or outdoor space. These five reasons to choose All Pro are the priorities that each and every company should be focused on to ensure the highest quality.

    Reason 1… Our Commitment

    Since the opening of All Pro Decks in 2014, our commitment to quality has been a constant. A job is only as good as the materials used and the care put into the task. By using the highest quality building materials, your deck or patio is built to last.

    The difference quality makes is night and day. It can be seen in materials not holding up well to weather, fading quickly, and becoming weaker over time. By upholding our commitment to the highest quality possible, your deck, patio, or outdoor kitchen is going to last you longer, and most importantly, be safe and sturdy.

    Whether you live alone or have a house full of children and pets, it is essential to ensure every addition is safely built. If a deck is not sturdy enough, often you can see materials starting to give out, planks starting to get squeaky or loose, and this can compromise the safety of the entire structure.

    While aesthetics is a huge factor, safety is always the number one priority. Luckily, at All Pro, you do not have to sacrifice one for the other. We are committed to creating the safest spaces while also prioritizing the aesthetic and creating a beautiful work of art for the space you are looking to fill.

    Reason 2… Our History

    We are, first and foremost, a family-owned and operated business. Our passion for building outdoor spaces turned into a small company starting in 2014, at which time we prioritized quality and our customer experience. Due to our small family-sized business, we have the unique opportunity of connecting with clients and ensuring each project reaches perfection.

    Building great patios and decks has never been compromised over the years our business has been open. Therefore, we have been able to build a reputation of happy customers and beautiful pieces of work throughout our years. Our history of creating incredible outdoor spaces in San Antonio is a legacy you will be continuing in choosing All Pro for your deck and patio needs.

    For any potential clients who are looking for additional examples of our work, head to our website where you will not only be able to look through photos of past projects but also read through past customer reviews! Our customers will say it best, which is why we happily display all reviews on our webpage.

    Reason 3… Our Variety

    Regardless of your vision, we can create it! With a wide variety of offerings, you are bound to find the right material and style for your home and personal style. For those looking to build a deck, you can decide between the pros and cons of a composite versus a wood deck.

    Composite decks are designed for maximum durability. This means that rain or shine they will consistently look fresh. Composite resists any fading from the sun, any staining, and any impact from even the harshest weather. This is an ideal option for those looking to build an addition that is going to last and maintain a modern and sleek look.

    Composite decks will not age in the same ways that wood can, and because of that, they can be an excellent option for those who are nervous about stains accruing or harsh treatment, whether it be from moving furniture around or adverse weather. On the other hand, wood decks provide a very traditional look and can give your deck more of a cabin feel.

    This makes for a cozy deck environment while also being a very affordable material. Our wood decks are pressure treated and very aesthetically pleasing. Wood decks are prevalent; however, regardless of your preference for wood or composite, you are guaranteed a beautiful deck.

    In addition to deck variety, we can also design your custom outdoor kitchen and living spaces for those looking to take more time outdoors. These designs can vary to meet your budget and your specific needs as far as material and appliances go. Whether you want a full kitchen and living room in your backyard, or you simply need an area to barbeque, you will not be disappointed with your new additions.

    For those looking to build a patio, patio cover, or pergola, we can work with the space you have and the needs you are looking to meet. Whether you are looking to increase the shade in your backyard or you need a patio around your pool, All Pro Decks can build the patio and cover you are looking for with your design requirements met!

    Reason 4… Our Customer Service

    Excellent customer service can make or break an experience with a company. Whether your questions and concerns are met with quick responses or in-depth and caring explanations that will ease your mind is critical to consider in choosing the right company. If you are used to companies that are unreachable, your experience will be different with All Pro.

    When it comes to house improvements, we get that finding builders who are reachable and receptive to your needs is of the utmost importance! This is why we put much of our time and energy into our customer service and communication with clients. You will find that our website is very user friendly and offers a variety of ways to get in touch directly with our builders.

    In addition, we are available to you over the phone and in person. Whether you are looking to talk through your dream plan, get a quote, or ask us some questions during the building process, we are here to make your dreams come to life with the most ease as possible on your end.

    This will be a stress-free experience knowing that any questions or concerns will be addressed quickly and with care. As a family-owned and operated business, we aim to create an environment where all of our clients and customers are comfortable reaching out and knowing they will be treated respectfully and like part of the family.

    Reason 5… Our Unbeatable Rates

    Building your outdoor space should not be a one price fits all. Since All Pro is committed to creating your vision, pricing varies among all of our projects. Just as your deck or patio is unique, your rate is going to be customized to reflect the materials you have chosen, and the intensity of your project.

    We are committed to keeping our rates fair and ensuring every one of our customers understands how the rate has been calculated (including materials, labor, etc.). By taking the time to review your project in-depth and walk all our customers through how their pricing may vary with each addition to the project, you are getting the best rate possible for your vision.

    Our rates can be customizable and varying due to the variety of projects we are able to offer at All Pro. Because each different material and project type brings about its own cost, we can work with your budget and tell you the best plan to get the most for your money in the space you have.


    Our top priority as builders is to ensure the customer is always happy with the work being done and feels as though they have a voice throughout the process. These are the ideals we are committed to at All Pro Decks and Patios because we understand how big of a project designing your outdoor space truly can be.

    With the stress and investment that can go into home improvement, know that with All Pro, you are gaining a family that is committed to quality, dedicated to customer service and addressing all your questions and concerns, and offering clientele with the widest variety of products possible.

    In choosing All Pro for your outdoor needs, you will be able to regain control over your space by choosing the materials you envision for your space and being able to work with your budget. Our team will walk you through the pricing for each addition add-on, each different material, and be sure you are clear on exactly what your end project will look and feel like.

    Whether you are just starting your search for the perfect outdoor addition to your San Antonio home or you are ready to hire today, All Pro Decks and Patios is here to answer any of your questions and provide you with a customized rate. Let’s make your home improvement dreams a reality! Contact us to Get A Free in-home Estimate Today!

    Justin Wylie

    Justin Wylie, owner of All Pro Decks & Patios is a Deckorators® Certified Pro Elite located in the San Antonio Hill Country area. He specializes in building decks, patios, patio covers, pergolas, concrete slabs, fireplaces and more while providing quality and service for his customers.

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