5 Reasons to Build a Deck or Patio Here in the Beautiful River City

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    Sant Antonio is known as a special place for many reasons.  The traditions, the history, the nightlife are all well known.  The quality of life is above par, and that includes the climate and weather.  San Antonio is perfect for entertaining outside.  Why would you add a patio or deck to your home in San Antonio?

    Why not is the obvious answer.  Think about what a deck or patio adds to your home in San Antonio.

    • Added living and entertaining space
    • The atmosphere and vistas of the Texas hill country
    • Year-round use for cooking, entertaining, or just hanging out
    • A place to share with friends, family, and your neighbors
    • Nature at its finest as part of your life and home

    Decks and patios are much more than just places to place a table and a grill.   Decks and patios can become a focal point for your home and a way to showcase all the special things about living in San Antonio and the Texas hill country.  Find out why many people who add decks or patios to their homes find that the character of their home changes dramatically.

    (Not sure what’s the difference between a deck and a patio, check out that article to find out!)

    San Antonio – Texas River City

    The San Antonio River that winds its way through the downtown area of San Antonio has influenced the city since the river was named in 1691 by the first governor of Spanish Texas.   Once a water source and a landmark, the River has now evolved into a huge tourist attraction.  The river is lined with:

    • Shops
    • Restaurants
    • Hotels

    As a result, San Antonio and the Riverwalk have become a tourist destination.

    The Riverwalk and its outdoor dining take advantage of a climate made for year-round outdoor activities.  Businesses and entrepreneurs recognize the value of these opportunities.  You should take advantage of the same characteristics with a deck or patio.

    Embracing the traditions of the San Antonio region is intimately associated with outdoor gatherings and celebrations.  The cultures that make up the Texas hill country’s diverse population can be a huge part of your home when a deck or patio becomes part of the events.

    5 Reasons to Build a Deck or Patio at Your Home

    If you need more space to entertain, a patio or deck can be one of the most cost-effective ways to increase your home’s living area.  The naturally attractive San Antonio climate and environment are things to showcase with a well-designed patio or deck.  Consider just a few of the reasons to build a deck or patio on your home in San Antonio.

    Bring the Hill Country into Your Home

    The Texas hill country is one of the most spectacular areas of Texas.  Part of central Texas region’s allure includes:

    • Hills
    • Valleys
    • Escarpments
    • Grand vistas

    Imagine all of these as part of your home.  With a deck or patio, you can make these features part of your home as well.

    Even in the urban environment of San Antonio, the flavor of the Texas hill country is available.  Oak trees, creeks, and elevation changes abound.  Using these features of the San Antonio landscape can add drama and interest to the new space afforded by the addition of a deck or patio to your home.

    No matter where you are in San Antonio, you can use the terrain and landscape native to Texas to create a living space that focuses on why San Antonio is one of the most popular destinations for living, working, and playing in all of Texas.

    A Place to Be Year-Round for All Occasions

    Most people who add well-designed patios or decks to their homes soon find that the new space is much more than just a place to sit.  Imagine every aspect of your life, and it will probably find its way to your patio or deck.

    Patios and decks in San Antonio become spaces in constant use.  Most families find that any activity they enjoy inside the house is even more fun outside.  Some activities include:

    • Cooking
    • Barbequing
    • Entertaining
    • Working
    • Just hanging

    Any of these activities can transform into special events when taken out on the patio or deck.

    Nothing beats a great BBQ or steaks grilled on the patio or deck.  Add good friends or family, and an everyday meal becomes an occasion.  Nature provides those in San Antonio with a climate that promotes outdoor living.  A deck or patio allows you to take advantage of what nature offers.

    A City and People of Gathering

    Historically, the traditions and people of the San Antonio area have embraced the idea of gatherings.  Whether the traditions be German, Spanish, or any of the myriad other cultures that have migrated to the San Antonio area, the community concept has been strong.

    Nothing fits better with these traditions than a deck or patio that encourages family, friends, and neighbors to gather outside.  Whether they are celebrating a special event, commemorating, and remembering holidays, or just enjoying the sense of community and neighborhood that permeates the culture in San Antonio, a deck or patio provides a perfect venue.

    The addition of a deck or patio to your home can foster these traditions.  In fact, your home may become the focal point for these celebrations and traditions.  The quality of the space at which these celebrations occur is as important as the reason for the celebration.

    Making Nature a Part of your Living Space

    Not only does San Antonio enjoy a great climate that encourages outdoor living and entertaining, but the landscape and wildlife in the Texas hill country also add another dimension.  A deck or patio brings the wonders of the Texas hill country native species into your living space.

    Inside our homes, we insulate ourselves from nature.  When we move part of our activities back outdoors to a patio or deck, nature becomes part and parcel of daily life experiences.  A cup of morning coffee is much more enjoyable when the song of a Texas Mockingbird replaces the TV news anchor’s drone.

    Having dinner while watching a huge Texas moon rise over the oak trees makes even the plainest meal seem like a gourmet treat.  Sitting with friends or family as the sun sets and creates some of the most magical sunsets creates memories that last forever.  Outdoor living is about becoming connected with nature, not isolated from it.

    Expanded Living and Entertainment Space

    Who doesn’t want more space in their home?  Adding a deck or patio makes sense, especially when the additional living space is economical.  The mild year-round climate in the San Antonio and Texas hill country area makes adding outdoor living and entertainment space an easy choice.

    A well-designed outdoor space becomes more than just a flat surface on which to stand or sit.  Imagine a space that becomes an extension of your lifestyle and the character of your home.  Patios and decks can focus attention on spectacular views or creatively designed landscapes.

    Think of a new deck or patio, not as a concrete pad or a wooden platform.  With creative design and imagination, a patio or deck becomes a statement reflecting you and your home.

    Can I Build My Own Deck?

    Of course, you can if you have the:

    • Tools
    • Experience
    • Time

    But remember that building a deck or patio is not just putting basic materials together.  The design of the patio or deck is the heart and soul of the patio or deck.  How well the deck blends with your home’s landscape is the difference in whether the deck becomes a focal point or an eyesore.

    Don’t forget the legalities.  You may need a permit or approval from your homeowner’s association to build your deck.  Getting permits and approvals can be a minefield of red tape and forms.  If you aren’t familiar with the process, this process can cause delays and problems all through the building process. (Check out this article to find out if you need a permit to build a deck in San Antonio.)

    There is also the issue of the actual constructions.  Do you have a place to store the materials while constructing the deck or patio?  Will you sub-contract part of the work?  Do you have the tools and equipment to do the actual construction?  Do you have the time to devote to the project?

    The Advantages of Professionals

    The advantages of hiring a professional company to design and build your deck or patio relieve you of the problems that face a do-it-yourselfer.  Most professional deck and patio contractors bring numerous advantages to the table.

    • Experience in designing, planning, and deck and patio construction
    • Known and trusted sub-contractors who provide quality work
    • Knowledge of permitting and working with homeowner’s association for approvals
    • Access to materials and techniques that may not be available to do-it-yourselfers
    • Fast completions with no hassles or weekends spent laboring with the deck constructions.

    Contracting for a turnkey project that includes the design elements, the construction and finish elements, and the follow-up service should problems rise is, for many homeowners, worth more than any savings they may accrue by building their deck or patio themselves. Here are some tips on searching for the best deck builders near me.

    Who to Call – All Pro Decks and Patios

    All Pro Decks and Patios is a locally owned business focusing on family and community.  Years of experience in the construction business and in building patios and decks, in particular, were translated into a family run business in 2014.  All Pro Decks and Patios serves San Antonio and the surrounding region.

    You needn’t worry about the qualifications of the company you contract to build your patio or deck.  All Pro Decks and Patios are licensed and bonded as well as being Certified Pros by Deckorators.  These qualifications, combined with years of construction experience, ensure your project’s professional design and completion.

    No matter what the scope or requirements of your project, All Pro Decks and Patios can handle the requirements from the design phase to the finished project, including:

    Building Experiences and Memories, Not just Decks and Patios

    A deck or patio should be an extension of your lifestyle as well as an extension of your home.  The design and construction quality is directly related to the enjoyment you will get from your deck or patio.  The memories you will make while using your deck or patio will include the way your deck or patio enhanced or detracted from the experiences.

    To ensure the highest quality design and construction, All Pro Decks and Patios should be your choice.  The time you spend on your deck or patio, making memories and sharing experiences with friends and family is precious.  Make sure that your deck or patio is equal to the demands.  All Pro Decks and Patios can make the difference. Contact us to Get A Free Estimate Today!

    (If you want to weigh all your options, check out these tips on how to choose a deck or patio builder.)

    Justin Wylie

    Justin Wylie, owner of All Pro Decks & Patios is a Deckorators® Certified Pro Elite located in the San Antonio Hill Country area. He specializes in building decks, patios, patio covers, pergolas, concrete slabs, fireplaces and more while providing quality and service for his customers.

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