Deck Waterproofing: Seven Valuable Benefits

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    In San Antonio, TX, the temperature fluctuates wildly, with 30-degree differences between day and night. Since local weather remains fairly dry throughout the year, you may not think you need deck waterproofing for your outdoor structures. However, waterproofing your deck protects it, even in drier conditions.

    As providers of composite decking in San Antonio, TX, our professionals at All Pro Decks & Patios recommend waterproofing all decking materials. While a wood deck has a special vulnerability, deck waterproofing systems help protect all decks throughout all weather. Read on to discover seven valuable benefits of deck waterproofing. 

    #1 Protection

    First and foremost, waterproofing protects your deck. While San Antonio only receives about 33 inches of rainfall annually, that small amount can still do extensive damage. Since wood has a porous surface, it easily soaks up water.

    In addition, the intense Texan sun dries it up quickly, causing the wood to splinter and chip. Eventually, the damaged boards need replacement.

    Additionally, local temperature fluctuations can cause the wood decks to warp. Heat makes wood expand, while cool temperatures make them contract. These constant shifts facilitate warping, which stresses the nails and creates tripping hazards.

    When you invest in deck waterproofing, you protect them from moisture penetration. It’ll stay straighter and stronger for longer than a deck that lacks treatment. 

    #2 Structural Integrity 

    Waterproofing your wood deck protects everything from its surface to its structural integrity. All decks have a framework that consists of support beams, bolts, and joists. Although unseen, these parts may rot as easily as your wooden floorboards.

    Many wood decks benefit from a drainage system, protecting the floorboards from pooling water. Composite decks, inherently waterproof due to their plastic construction, also benefit from drainage systems. Besides preventing pooling water, drainage systems force water away from your home.

    #3 Safety

    The subject of structural integrity offers the perfect segway to the most important factor: safety. A solid wooden deck helps prevent injuries and accidents, especially when built with treated wood that resists warping and splintering.

    When wooden deck surfaces warp and splinter, it adds stress to hardware like nails. As a result, you could end up with sharp nails jutting from dangerous places or falling to the ground. When someone steps on a nail, they can sustain injuries deep in their foot, causing everything from minor cosmetic wounds to tetanus.

    While composite decks won’t warp or splinter, they can still develop risky biological growths like mold. Mold, even outdoors, poses risks to your health, as spores could travel indoors and gain a foothold inside your home. Waterproofing prevents mold colonies from growing on your wooden or composite deck.

    #4 Maintenance Reduction

    Few homeowners look forward to chores like deck maintenance. This chore often includes tasks like board replacement, repainting, and restaining, which are essential to keep your deck safe and attractive.

    When you use regular waterproofing services, you minimize the amount of maintenance needed. Paints and stains will keep their color and intensity for longer, and deck materials can withstand the elements more readily.

    While you might feel tempted to avoid costs associated with waterproofing services, you’ll save money on future repairs by investing in them annually. In addition, you only need to make a call to schedule professional services. You can leave the rest to the experts.  

    #5 Improves Appearance

    Whether built of splintery wood or dirty composite boards, visitors and passersby won’t enjoy the look of an unattended deck. Dirty, unkempt decks can make your entire property look dangerous and unpleasant. No one wants to walk on a patio with dirt or debris that may penetrate their shoes!

    Since the harsh outdoor elements affect paint, your deck will also suffer from dull, chipped paint. The fading color makes your property look washed out. Your deck will need more coats of paint to look pristine.

    The waterproof membranes in most waterproofing products keep your deck looking newer for years to come. As such, you can prevent the warping, cracking, and chipping for longer. In addition, your property’s curb appeal improves, which increases its property value.

    #6 Increases Property Value

    When you go house-hunting, what properties will catch your interest? You’re more likely to go for the ones with manicured lawns, fresh paint jobs, and well-polished decks. You’ll avoid the properties with overgrown grass and ragged patios that look abandoned.

    Simply put, people will pay more money for a manicured home. So it stands to reason that keeping your deck or patio in good shape pays off. Waterproofing your deck plays a crucial role in increasing property value by making it look nice and safer.

    If you want to put your home on the market, scheduling professional waterproofing services can help you prepare for viewings. If you rent a home out, you’ll have an easier time attracting potential renters. Both renters and buyers want a property that requires minimal maintenance during the first years.

    Plus, you might make some extra money because of the recent improvements you made to the property.   

    #7 Boosts Your Comfort

    Finally, deck waterproofing provides peace of mind. You can enjoy barbecues and get-togethers free from shoes or worries. Since deck waterproofing promotes a safer, healthier environment on your property, it also promotes more fun and carefree moments.

    You won’t have to do maintenance tasks as frequently, so you get more time to kick back and relax in the sun with friends and family. Remember, if you can see the damage on your deck and patio, you already have more extensive damage than meets the eye.

    Preventative measures do more for your property than repairs. 

    Protect Your Patio with All Pro Decks & Patios

    At All Pro Decks & Patios, our contractors provide comprehensive wood and composite decking services for decks of all shapes and sizes. We can help you achieve your outdoor goals with patios, multi-level decks, outdoor rooms, and elemental features. With our help, you’ll take your personal paradise from basic to beautiful.

    Make your backyard the talk of the neighborhood. For the best deck waterproofing, construction, and maintenance services available in San Antonio, TX, call us today at (210) 660-8250 or schedule an appointment for a free estimate. 

    Justin Wylie

    Justin Wylie, owner of All Pro Decks & Patios is a Deckorators® Certified Pro Elite located in the San Antonio Hill Country area. He specializes in building decks, patios, patio covers, pergolas, concrete slabs, fireplaces and more while providing quality and service for his customers.

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