Hiring Patio Builders: This Is What You Need to Know

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    A patio can transform your home by adding space and giving your family an enjoyable place to spend time outside. In 2019, around 879,000 single-family homes had patios, which shows how popular these home additions are. 

    If you want to add a high-quality patio to your home, the first thing you need to do is find a reputable patio builder. However, this requires more than searching “patio builders near me” online and clicking the first option that pops up. You must do your due diligence to research different professionals, get quotes, and find one who can best help bring your vision to life. 

    All Pro Decks & Patios has years of experience designing and building stunning decks that perfectly fit the styles of different homes.

    Our in-depth expertise and passion for creating allow us to deliver top-tier services and decks with every project so we can bring your vision to life. However, we know how important it is to find a deck builder you can trust, so we explain everything you need to know in this guide.

    Find Deck Builders With the Right Licensing and Qualifications

    When hiring any sort of professional, you need to ensure they have the proper licensing and qualifications to handle the job. Otherwise, you risk subpar results, an unpleasant experience, and potential legal issues. 

    Contractors without licensing are working illegally, so don’t let them tempt you with low prices — saving money is a short-term gain with long-term consequences. You can check whether a contractor has the required state licensing by using Angi’s License Check Tool or asking the company for proof of licensing. 

    Reputable Patio-Building Companies Should Have Proper Insurance

    In addition to state licensing, a patio builder and the company they work for should have proper insurance coverage. What does that mean? 

    The patio-building company should have workers’ compensation insurance to protect you from being liable for any injuries that occur during the construction project. While experienced and reputable patio and deck builders use several safety precautions and know how to build patios efficiently, accidents can happen. Finding a company with the right insurance coverage protects you in case of accidents that cause injuries or property damage, giving you much-needed peace of mind. 

    Ask About Experience and Check Available Portfolios

    If you want to make the most of your investment and guarantee the results you want, you should look for an experienced patio builder. When reaching out to a contractor, ask about their experience and whether you can see a portfolio of their work. Any reputable contractor with the necessary experience will gladly show you their work and take the time to answer your questions. 

    Plus, seeing what kind of patios the contractor has worked on can show whether they’ve built a patio design like the one you want. 

    Get Multiple Quotes and Know What’s Reasonable

    Getting quotes from more than one patio contractor allows you to explore your options and get an idea of what your project will cost. However, you shouldn’t just go with whoever has the lowest price, especially if it’s significantly lower than the other quotes. 

    If a contractor quotes you a surprisingly low price, you’ll likely get a low-quality patio that doesn’t meet your expectations. However, you also don’t want to go with someone who’s charging unnecessarily high prices since some companies are just looking to maximize profits. 

    Get many quotes, decide which ones are reasonable, and go with the ones that best fit your budget. 

    Check for Warranties

    Adding a new outdoor living space to your home is fun, but this excitement won’t last long if you notice splitting wood or other issues right after installation. Reputable contractors offer warranties to protect the quality of their work. If there’s something wrong with your patio within a given timeframe, the warranty requires the contractors to fix the issue without charging extra. 

    By offering warranties, patio builders can guarantee the quality of their work, which is essential when creating a patio area for your family to use.

    Get Details About the Job

    Before hiring a contractor, you should ask about some different details of the job, such as the following:

    • How long will the project take?
    • How many people will be working on the patio?
    • What kind of communication can you expect during the construction process?
    • What time will construction take place during the week?

    In addition to asking these questions, you should ask to see a detailed construction plan that outlines the layout and materials of your new patio. It should also show additional features like outdoor furniture or other features you want to add.

    By understanding what the patio-building process looks like and who will be coming to your home to build your new outdoor living area, you can be a lot more comfortable with who you hire. 

    Reach Out to All Pro Decks & Patios to Start Your Next Home Improvement Project

    Building a patio is a terrific way to increase the value of your home while creating a new space for you and your family to gather together. Whether you know exactly what you want or are looking for some professional guidance, our All Pro Decks & Patios team can help. 

    We have years of experience building high-end patios and are happy to show you our portfolio. We can even provide a detailed plan that outlines the layout of your new patio and shows what it will look like with patio furniture and other unique features. 

    Are you ready to build a deck or patio that makes your neighbors jealous? Call a patio builder at All Pro Decks & Patios at (210) 660-8250 to get a quote and start your next home improvement project today!

    Justin Wylie

    Justin Wylie, owner of All Pro Decks & Patios is a Deckorators® Certified Pro Elite located in the San Antonio Hill Country area. He specializes in building decks, patios, patio covers, pergolas, concrete slabs, fireplaces and more while providing quality and service for his customers.

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