5 Benefits of Putting a Roof on Your Pergola

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    A pergola can be a fantastic addition to a backyard space for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you want an outdoor dining space or sitting area. Maybe you envision a beautiful lounging area by your poolside. Whatever you intend to use it for, pergolas are an easy way to add class and beauty to your outdoor space.

    There are many benefits to adding a roof to your pergola.

    • You will be protected from the elements
    • It reduces the amount of upkeep needed
    • It can add dimension to an otherwise empty backyard
    • A roof on your pergola can raise the resale value of your home
    • It gives you some extra privacy in your outdoor space

    If you are considering adding a roof to your pergola, these reasons just may tip the scales in your favor. Read on to learn more about these benefits and how to maximize your outdoor space!

    Can You Put a Roof on a Pergola?

    A roof can easily be added to almost all styles of pergolas. There are many prebuilt and building plan pergola styles that already come with roofs added to them or you can simply add a roof to your existing pergola. In addition to DIY options, construction companies can be hired to roof your pergola for you.

    Whatever route you decide to go, you have many options in front of you and at all different price points. Getting the most out of your pergola has never been easier!

    What is the Best Roof to Put on a Pergola?

    There are many types of roofs to consider for your pergola. Which is best for you depend on both what you use your pergola for and the climate where your home is located.

    • Polycarbonate Roof – Polycarbonate roofs come in many varieties and are often clear. These work well if you enjoy the natural lighting, yet still want protection from the elements.
    • Fabric roof – Fabric roofs are one of the cheapest options, which makes them a great option if you do not have a lot to spend on roofing your pergola. They come in a variety of different types and are also fairly easy to replace. You may not want a fabric roof if snow accumulation is a regular occurrence in your area.
    • Retractable roof – A retractable roof is great if your pergola has various uses or if you do not want it to be covered all the time.
    • Metal roof – Metal roofs are great for longevity and can have some very pretty options. They may not be the best option if you like to sit outside in the rain, as they get fairly noisy.
    • Wood or shingled roof – These are very popular with pergolas and check off nearly all of the below benefits of roofing your pergola. While the cost can be higher, they are worth it. As long as it is well maintained, these roofs are great for resale value.
    • Solar roof – A solar roof is a great investment, as it can save you on energy costs for your home or outdoor space. They are more expensive to install but will pay for themselves over time.
    • Slat roof – While these options do not offer much in the way of element protection, a slatted roof done correctly can offer significant shade protection and make your pergola more aesthetically pleasing. This style is great if you have a smaller space and do not want it to look too crowded.

    Whichever material you choose, it should match your existing pergola and the rest of your outdoor space. Given how many options there are, finding an option that suits your space should be easy!

    5 Benefits of Putting a Roof on Your Pergola

    Roofing your pergola comes with many benefits that may appeal to your lifestyle. When learning about these options, consider what you intend to use your pergola for and how these points incorporate with that.

    A pergola roof comes with many benefits, from monetary savings on upkeep to protection from the elements. It is an easy way to increase the value of your home or get more usage from your outdoor spaces. All things considered, it really is a great investment for your backyard.

    Below are several of these benefits to reflect on when deciding whether to roof your pergola.

    Protection from the Elements

    Using your outdoor space is generally conditional on the weather. No one wants to sit in the rain or have the sun beating down on you on a hot day. Hail can destroy your outdoor furniture. If you use your pergola for a hot tub, a roof will keep the snow off of it for easier use. A roof is an excellent option for eradicating these annoyances to maximize the use of your space.

    When your pergola has a roof, you are shielded from those effects. Whether it is keeping snow off of a hot tub or being able to sit outside on a rainy day, a roof ensures that you will be able to take advantage of your outdoor space, even during mildly inclement weather.

    A Roof Reduces Needed Upkeep

    There are several areas of upkeep that are important to consider when you have an outdoor space with a pergola. These include:

    • The maintenance of the pergola itself
    • Maintaining furniture placed underneath the pergola
    • Preserving the flooring underneath your pergola

    Depending on what materials your pergola is made of, you will periodically have to do some upkeep. This may include re-staining a wood pergola or maintaining paint. With a roof, these tasks do not need to be done quite as often, which means you save some time and money.

    Outdoor furniture is also very prone to wear and tear from the elements, particularly if it includes cloth cushions, wicker, or other porous materials. Between fading from the sun and rain damage, outdoor furniture typically needs to be replaced far more often than indoor furniture.

    Many outdoor flooring types can also be impacted by the weather. Wood decking, for example, needs to be regularly stained to maintain its aesthetic. When it is kept out of the sun and rain, stain or paint jobs will last much longer.

    With a pergola roof, your outdoor furniture and flooring are mostly protected from those elements and will last much longer as a result. This will save you money in the long run, making your pergola roof a good investment.

    A Roof Can Make a Large Yard Look More Complete

    A common struggle when landscaping a backyard comes in optimal usage of space coupled with visual appeal. A larger backyard, for example, may look empty even when you have added several features.

    In and of itself, a pergola does a lot to add dimension to your outdoor space. When you consider adding a roof, this can further change the aesthetic and make it feel as though more space has been used. Eliminating open space in a section of your backyard adds dimension and can trick your vision into thinking your space is more full than it actually is.

    A Roof Can Raise the Value of Your Home

    When considering permanent improvements to your home, resale value is often one of the first considerations. Whether you intend to sell your home in the future or not, there are many benefits to increasing its value.

    • An increased home value increases your personal net worth. This works in your favor if you ever need a loan or wish to refinance your home for whatever reason.
    • Even if you do not currently plan to sell your home, life happens. Perhaps your home will be too big for you when your children grow up or maybe you accept a job that requires relocation.
    • If you are mortgaging your home, increasing the value of your home also positively impacts your debt ratios, opening up the new mortgage and insurance options.

    That said, a permanent roof on your pergola is an easy way to add a bit of value to your home. Buyers and appraisers alike can appreciate the other benefits to having a roofed pergola, same as you.

    A Roof Adds Privacy to Your Outdoor Space

    The nature of outdoor space is limited privacy unless you consider the various options that add privacy. This is typically achieved with a privacy fence, but a pergola roof can also contribute to how private your backyard is.

    In addition to the standard privacy concerns, such as neighbors and passers-by, the age of technology that we are living in means added incursions on privacy, with a couple of examples being public CCTV cameras and drones.

    Private drones are already fairly popular. In addition to that, many companies are beginning to use drones for product delivery. Both private and commercial drones are typically equipped with cameras and it can be disconcerting to people who value privacy.

    If you live in or near the city, it is also probable that you have CCTV cameras nearby, as they are popping up with alarming frequency. Many of these cameras are mounted on higher places, meaning they can often see over standard privacy fences.

    With both of these concerns, a pergola roof can offer increased privacy and help put your mind at ease when lounging in your backyard.

    How Much Does it Cost to Roof a Pergola?

    The cost to roof a pergola can vary wildly depending on both the size of the pergola and the type of roof you choose. The cost is typically on par with the standard cost of covering an outdoor patio with a roof.

    As the cost varies wildly depending on the material used, you can typically expect to spend anywhere from $10 to $50 per square foot of roofing. This number can also go up or down depending on what support your pergola already has.

    There are many roof kits for sale that include everything you need to roof your pergola. These are typically sold in square footage increments, so the cost will depend on the size of your pergola, as well as the materials you chose.

    When all is said and done, adding a roof can run you as little as about $500 or as much as $15,000, depending on the above metrics. These costs can go down if you consider temporary options, such as shades.

    Final Thoughts

    Pergolas are an excellent addition to almost any outdoor space and putting a roof on yours adds practicality to their simple aesthetic. By adding a roof, you can increase your usage, protect your possessions, or ensure your privacy.

    Soon enough, your backyard can be your own perfect oasis; a perfect place to unwind and forget about the problems of the real world. Kick back with a great book, lounge by your poolside, or enjoy an alfresco meal under your newly roofed pergola!

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