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    Pergolas are outside structures that create a comfortable space to use throughout the year. Most types of pergolas make use of vinyl, aluminum, or wood for construction. Slats at the top of the pergola offer partial shade, but you can increase the amount of shade in various ways. (Learn all there is to know about pergolas by checking out pergolas 101!)

    What Can I Cover My Pergola With?

    Pergola covers are available in several varieties, so there is always something for everyone. You can choose from a wide range of straw, fabric, plants, wood, metal, or other materials. Not only these materials look great on your pergola, but they also protect you from the sun so you can have a great time with your friends and family. Remodeling your existing pergola is a great idea, and you can grow a creeper or weave in roller shades if the spaces between slats are too large.

    Here are a few items to help you cover your pergola.


    The best way to give a natural look to your pergola is to add plants. For instance, you can choose vigorous growers like trumpet vines to wrap around the top and sides of the pergola. Planting large trees near your pergola will always provide you more shade cover.

    Portable Canopy

    Some people prefer investing in a portable canopy, which is an inexpensive option to cover a large pergola. Erect a tent or a portable shade canopy and install the stakes near the pergola to make sure it stays in its place.

    Fabric Sails

    Another great idea to cover your pergola is to use large pieces of fabric, such as fabric sails. Since you can stretch these pieces over an expansive space, you can stay safe from rain and wind. However, you will have to remove them during the winter season.

    Not only fabric sails are lightweight and durable, but they are also great for enjoying a bean cabana vibe since some of the sunlight filters through the fabric.

    Bamboo, Branches, or Straw

    If you do not want to maintain living plants but like to add a natural pergola cover, you can choose a roof made from branches or bamboo. The easiest way is to tie bamboo sticks or branches to the pergola stats using twine or string. You can also choose straw, which is another affordable option.

    Roller Shades

    For creating a simple covering, attach roller shades or shade fabric to your pergola using a staple gun. If you opt for window roller shades, select thick fabric to have a durable cover. You will have to measure the space for determining how much shade fabric or the number of roller shades you need to purchase for covering the area.

    Metal or Wood Covering

    Metal or wood stripes offer a weatherproof covering while allowing you to enjoy your surroundings. Both materials provide exceptional durability. However, choosing such a cover probably means that you will have to hire some professional help for installation. Wood and metal coverings are great for flaunting a modern and contemporary look. Do not worry about the maintenance as both wood and metal need an occasional clean up for remaining in a sparkly condition.

    Canvas Drop Cloths

    Drop cloths are another type of durable pergola covers. Canvas drop cloths are popular among painters, but you can use them as a tough covering for your pergola.

    Mesh Covering

    Choosing a mesh cover to create a beautiful and comfy space under your pergola is an excellent idea for enjoying the outdoors during hot temperatures. You can find mesh in many colors, such as green, brown, blue, and green.

    The Purpose of a Pergola

    A pergola serves several purposes, depending on your preferences. Here are some of the various benefits you can get out of a pergola.

    Remodeling Your Garden

    A pergola is one of the best ways to revamp your backyard garden area. Choose a design that features an open-top lattice roof to avoid blocking the necessary air circulation and sunlight your garden needs. Do not forget to add some vines for giving finishing touches.

    Make an Outdoor Extension of Your Living Space

    Generally, homeowners install a pergola to create an outdoor extension of their home. It is best to opt for a design and material that go well with the exterior of your home. Make sure you attach the pergola close to your home so you can enjoy a seamless transition from your home to a beautiful patio.

    Add Privacy and Shade to Your Home

    Although pergolas do not typically come with a roof and walls, they are great for adding privacy and a touch of shade to your backyard. Decorate the structure with sheer curtains, vines, or a sail-top deign to enjoy more privacy.

    Does A Pergola Add Value To Your House?

    Who would mind having a garden-like structure to add move value to their home? A pergola is indeed a popular way to improve landscaping. Installing a well-designed and sturdy pergola to your backyard can be the best way to add more value to your property. Not only a pergola helps you create a fabulous outdoor space, but it also adds a unique charm to your home.

    Pergolas once served to boost the growth of creepers like plants, but today’s homeowners like installing pergolas for creating a pleasant outdoor space. For that reason, pergolas come in handy for homeowners who are fond of plants and gardening. These outdoor structures can protect your plants from harsh weather, encouraging them to grow, and you can add more beauty to your home, boosting its resale value. If adding value to your house is one of your goals, adding a deck adds value to your home as well.

    Final Thoughts

    Pergolas offer shade while also making enough room for airflow. These structures can quickly become your favorite spot in your home or a place to enjoy good times with friends and family. You can read a book, listen to music, or spend quality time with a loved after covering your pergola.

    If you are looking for the best ways to cover your pergola, choose an idea from our list. The item you pick must match the overall feel of your home, so it does not look odd. All Pro Decks can help you with your projects on patio covers and pergolas!

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